PM Modi Address To Nation on National Voter’s Day

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi urges to focus the voter turnout from panchayat to the general elections.
  • In the recent past, the percentage of women voters has gone up.
  • PM Modi emphasized on the idea of “one nation, one election”.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of National Voter’s Day asked the political parties and citizens on Tuesday to focus on increasing the voter turnout from panchayat to the general elections. “In the 75th year of India’s independence, we should resolve that we will ensure a 75 per cent turnout for elections”, he said while addressing Bhartiya Janta party (BJP) workers.

PM Modi tweeted that “Today is National Voter’s Day… a day to applaud the phenomenal work of the EC and support every effort to strengthen out democracy as well as increase voter participation”.

Further, he urged the workers to ensure that the overall voter turnout in every election is at least 75%. “The percentage of women voters… has gone up. In some places, women outnumbered men in turning up for voting. But the coting percentage is still low and this needs everyone’s attention. All political parties and citizens need to think about this”, added the prime minister.

PM Modi also emphasized on the idea of “one nation, one election”, which he ideally supports. He said that in a democracy, discussion leads to churning. He urged BJP workers to establish connection with people and encourage them to participate in the party’s micro-donation exercise.

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