PM Modi Bids Vice President Farewell; Says “His One-Liners Were Win-Liners”

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi bids farewell to the outgoing Vice President.
  • M Venkaiah Naidu will end his tenure on 10th August.
  • PM Modi praised Vice President’s work ethic and appreciated his verbal skills.

New Delhi: As the Rajya Sabha said goodbye to its Chairman today, PM Narendra Modi praised Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu’s “diligent” work ethic. He never saw labour as a hardship, according to Prime Minister Modi. The Prime Minister remarked: “His verbal talents have always been great, and your one-liners are wit-liners too. He speaks from a place of depth and substance.”

On Wednesday, Mr Naidu leaves his position, and on August 11, his successor, Jagdeep Dhankhar, will take the oath of office. The outgoing Chairman, according to Prime Minister Modi, encouraged discussion in the Upper House and left behind “standards and a legacy” that will continue to direct his successors. The Prime Minister also commended Mr Naidu for his contribution to boosting Rajya Sabha’s productivity and emphasised his love of Indian languages. “During Mr Naidu’s term, Rajya Sabha productivity jumped 70% and MP attendance has also increased,” PM Modi claimed.

The prime minister said, “I have worked closely with Mr Naidu throughout these years.” I’ve also seen him take on several duties, and he handled each of them admirably. PM Modi also added that Mr Naidu spent a lot of time working to promote youth welfare. “Yuva Shakti was the subject of several Vice President  programmes.”

Several Top Leaders attended the farewell of the Vice President in the Upper House of Parliament. On behalf of every member of the House, a special farewell celebration for Mr Naidu will take place on Monday night at the GMC Balayogi Auditorium. Mr Naidu will get a memento from the Prime Minister, and the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman will deliver the parting speech.

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