PM Modi Focused on Global Challenges at UNGA

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi addressed the 76th session on UNGA.
  • Pressed leaders to focus on Global challenges.
  • Hinted Pakistan as a nation using terrorism as a tool.

New York: Addressing the gathering at the 76th UN General Assembly, PM Modi began by paying tribute to those that succumbed to the pandemic. “In the last 1.5 years, the entire world has been facing the worst pandemic in 100 years, I pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives in this deadly pandemic and I express my condolences to their families,” he said.

 Speaking overdevelopment, he asserted it to be universal and unite all nations irrespective of their economic status. Exclusively addressing India under the development sector he illustrated global growth in the nation’s reforms. Furthermore, he invited participants of the session to invest and uplift vaccine availability across the world. Stating about progressing economically and ecologically, he informed how India had commenced developing the world’s largest green hydrogen hub. “Today, the world is facing an increased threat of regressive thinking and extremism. In such a situation, the entire world must make science-based, rational and progressive thinking the basis for development, he said.”

Hinting at Pakistan, PM Modi stated how some countries use terrorism as a political tool too and are unaware of the threats posed at them too.  He asserted that no nation should make us of the crises in the war-torn land as a stepping stone. He elaborated that global leaders should ensure that no country took undue advantage and protect the people of Afghanistan, women & children, minorities.

Leaders of 109 nations are scheduled to speak at the session while nearly 60 would deliver their message through pre-recorded sessions.

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