PM Modi Inaugurates New Parliament Building

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the new Parliament building today with a seating capacity of 888 members in Lok Sabha. Dressed in traditional attire, PM Modi walked into the Parliament premises from its Gate No. 1 and carried the Sengol in a procession before installing it in the Lok Sabha Chamber.  Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla welcomed the prime minister.

“As the new building of India’s Parliament is inaugurated, our hearts and minds are filled with pride, hope, and promise. May this iconic building be a cradle of empowerment, igniting dreams, and nurturing them into reality. may it propel our great nation to new heights of progress”, tweeted PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi performed ‘Ganapati Homam’ to invoke Gods to bless the inauguration of the new building. As the second leg of the inaugural event began, delegates began arriving at the new Parliament. Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor said that the positions taken by the government and Opposition are reconcilable, the remarks come amid the war of words between Congress and BJP over the history of Sengol.

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