PM Modi launches new tax platform to benefit ‘honest taxpayer’

New Delhi: On Thursday, August 13,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a ‘Transparent Taxation, Honoring the Honest’ platform as an initiative to reform direct taxes in India.

The aim of the platform is to bring more transparency and clarity in official communication with the incipiently-introduced Document Identification Number (DIN).

PM Modi verbally expressed the perpetual structural reforms have “reached incipient heights today” and that the ‘Transparent Taxation, Honoring the Honest’ platform will “have faceless assessments, faceless appeal and taxpayer charter.”

PM Modi also said “From September 25, faceless appeal will be started in practice and while faceless assessment and taxpayer charter will start practicing from today itself.”

The prime minister verbalized accolading the veracious taxpayer will avail in nation building and that the launch of this platform would provide another step towards ‘minimum regime, maximum governance’.

PM Modi verbalized that an involute tax system leads to low compliance. Hence, the aim is to have clarity in laws and less compliance burden for honest taxpayers. He integrated that the government was endeavoring to engender a tax system which is seamless, faceless and painless.

PM Modi added that the Income Tax Department will utilize technology to handle scrutiny through desultory allocation of cases.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated “Today is the landmark day in the history of the taxation administration. The launch will bring certainty of information.”

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