PM Modi Praises Private Industrialists; Calls Them “Humanitarians” of India

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi eulogised the entrepreneurs of the country in the parliament. He applauded the private enterprises of the country on their achievements proving the peculiarity of Indian talent.

An industrialist present at the Lok Sabha appreciates PM Modi’s efforts to focus on the Private industries amidst these fragile times.

Addressing the lower house, PM Modi probed into the role played by private entrepreneurs in India improving lives and serving humanity.

” If the country needs the public sector, the role of the private sector is also as important…If India is of any use to humanity today, our private sector has had a big role in it,” PM Modi delineated to Lok Sabha Yesterday.

He calls the wealth creators “important” in order to prosper the nation. ” We must have faith in our youth. If we keep berating them and running them down, and discourage any private activity, this culture won’t help anymore now,” Mr Modi claimed.

He emphasized the growth the Indian telecom industry has shown, which now enables low-income citizens to possess a smartphone.

Later, PM took to Twitter to share a tweet on the same note. 

JSW Chief Sajjan Jindal also took to twitter to praise the PM, ” For the first time ever, a Prime Minister of our country has publicly shared his respect for the Indian Entrepreneurs. This is great encouragement for the community that has been creating wealth and jobs in the country.”

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