PM Modi to Convene With CoM to Delineate Strategy for the Remaining Tenure

New Delhi: Amidst the scathing criticism from the opposition, the centre has been struggling to overcome its hurdles.  Sources on Friday revealed PM Modi would initiate a three-day meeting with his new council of ministers (CoM) in the coming week to delineate strategy for the remaining three years of the government’s term.

From the time PM Modi has taken charge of the parliament, the centre has been struggling to counter criticism hurled by the opposition over a range of issues like the management of the pandemic, scoring economy, and persistent protest against the contentious farm laws. 

It should be recalled that PM Modi revamped his CoM last month where he replaced the health, IT and oil ministers in an attempt to reinvigorate his government and insulate himself from the criticism.

 After the reshuffling, this will be the first dialogue between all the ministers collectively starting on Tuesday at 6 pm. The Centre would review their progress and would chart out a strategy for the remaining term. The ministers will also be briefed about their departments and ministries and what is expected of them.  

The centre has faced a drastic downfall in its middle-class voters as it failed to manage the second wave of the pandemic, surged the oil prices and implemented farm laws that are facing continuous rejection by the farmers union of the country.


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