PM Modi Unveils National Emblem on New Parliament Building

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi unveiled the bronze National Emblem.
  • The 6.5m tall emblem is made up of 9,500 kgs bronze
  • The bronze statue is supported by a steel structure weighing about 6,500kgs.

New Delhi: PM Modi Monday unveiled the new relic of India’s heritage- the 9,500 kgs bronze National Emblem on the roof of the new parliament building in New Delhi.

The National Emblem 6.5 metres in height was unveiled followed by a Puja attended by the PM. Cast at the top of the Central Foyer of the Parliament, the emblem has a steel supporting structure, which weighs about 6,500 kg, constructed to support the bronze statue.

The massive bronze emblem underwent eight stages from its conceptualization on paper to installation.

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