PM Modi Urged Putin To Hold Direct Talks With Zelensky

Story Highlights
  • Both Modi and Putin discussed the situation in Ukraine.
  • Putin assured PM Modi of all possible cooperation in their safe evacuation.
  • Modi appreciated the announcement of ceasefire and establishment of humanitarian corridors.

New Delhi: As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to escalate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken on the phone to Russian President Putin. The call between both the leaders lasted for about 50 minutes. During the call, PM Modi urged President Putin to hold direct talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky in addition to the ongoing negotiations between their teams. Both the leaders discussed the evolving situation in Ukraine.

During the conservation, Russian President Vladimir Putin briefed PM Modi on the status of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian teams. Meanwhile, amid India’s Operation Ganga evacuation plan, PM Modi appreciated the announcement of a ceasefire and the setting up of humanitarian corridors in parts of Ukraine, including Sumy. Prime Minister Modi has stressed the need to ensure “safe evacuation” of Indian citizens from Sumy at the earliest. President Putin has also ensured PM Modi about the “all possible cooperation” with respect to India’s evacuation plan.

Russia has declared ceasefire in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and 3 other cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol and Sumy to open humanitarian corridors for the citizens to be evacuated. The prime minister spoke to Putin last week wherein he had discussed the evacuation of Indians from Kharkiv, which is witnessing ferocious fighting between the Russian and the Ukrainian forces. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi spoke to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy over phone, seeking his support in the evacuation of Indian stranded in warzone Sumy. After the talks, Zelenskyy took to Twitter to thank the prime minister over the support.

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