PM Narendra Modi Replied the Motion Of Thanks In Rajya Sabha Today

Story Highlights
  • "Coronavirus an unknown enemy", said the PM during his address
  • He demands all sectors to join in reforming the agricultural lands of the country
  • Introduces AndolanJeevi sect of protestors and FDI

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha witnessed a debate over the past three days amongst 50 speakers from 25 political parties on Motion of Thanks. While BJP presented 18 members from its party, Congress was led by 7 MPs and 25 others from various Opposition parties demanding the repeal of the three farm laws.

“Coronavirus an unknown enemy”

 PM Modi applauded India for having fought the “unknown enemy of Corona Virus with a new vision”. He credited the Indian citizens with their victory against Corona and highlighted the global surveillance India is under. 

Having said that Modi Sir also extolled the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the country. He mentioned the massive vaccination program of the country, and the success Indian doctors have achieved globally. He says “The Covid-19 period has added new strength to our federal structure and the spirit of cooperative federalism”. 

Reform agricultural fields

Despite the discussions on the protest of farmers, the leaders pay no heed to the reason for the protest. In the lieu of such a situation PM Modi said “Under our PM Fasal Bima Yojna, 90,000 crores have been disbursed till now. We launched farmers’ credit cards and its ambit has been expanded. Under PM Samman Nidhi Yojna for poor farmers, 10 crores have benefitted and till now 1.15 lakh crore has been disbursed.” He spoke about the crop insurance scheme enhancements and the PM-KISAN Scheme and requested the farmers to end their agitation and have an open conversation with the government.

AndolanJeevi and FDI

He also spoke about the new sect of protestors called “Andolan jeevi” who have originated in the past few years; augmenting the new FDI- “Foreign Desi Ideology” that the nation needs to be aware of.

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