PM Narendra Modi Wishes Gujarati People On New Year

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  • PM Modi sent wishes to Gujarati people on occasion of Gujarati New Year.
  • Gujarati New Year marks the beginning of Kartik month.
  • The day is celebrated by worshiping Govardhan Hill.

Gujarat: On the occasion of Gujarati New Year on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent wishes to the Gujarati people. The PM tweeted, “Happy New Year to all Gujaratis… !! Happy New Year that is starting from today.” “The new year starting from today will bring happiness and prosperity in your life, keep you healthy and lead you to a new step of progress,” he said.

The Gujarati New Year, also known as Bestu Varas, commemorates the start of the Hindu calendar’s Kartik month. On this day, devotees flock to the temple to perform puja for the gods. People meet their family and friends dressed up in festival finery to wish them a happy new year. For traders and businesses, the day is especially significant because it represents the start of the financial year, and new ledgers are opened on this auspicious day.

The enterprising people, mainly in business, celebrate their Bestu Varas with feasts, revelry, and festivals. Gujarati New Year falls on the same day as Govardhan Puja in North India, which takes place the day after Diwali every year.

The day is also celebrated by worshipping the Govardhan Hill, which is said to have been worshipped by Lord Krishna in order to protect the inhabitants of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, from excessive rains.

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