Police Seize Vehicle Used in Tannu Karre Murder Case

RAIPUR: A major development in the Tannu Kurre murder revealed the Turekela police seized the SUV used in the murder. Sources in the know stated that investigating officers found fingerprints and blood stains on the seized vehicles.

Accused Sachin Agarwal along with his accomplice Suraj Agarwal was detained by the Turkela Police and seized the pistol and bullets used in the murder.

Banker Tannu Kurre was murdered by Sachin Agarwal over an argument on infidelity following which he burnt her body to escape the crime. He was, however, caught after the parents of the victim filed a complaint and a probe was launched.

On November 21, Tannu Karre left for Bongir with her boyfriend Sachin and went untraceable since then. The Pandri police acting on the missing complaint filed by the parents initiated the search and recovered a body that based on autopsy reports was identified as that of the deceased Tannu Karre.

The police traced the mobile phone of the accused as the complainant suspected his involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. Sachin was caught on a train to Odisha and was taken under custody by the Odisha police.

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