Political Crises Deepen in State; Vedram Manhare to Quit Congress

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  • Vedram Manhare announces to quit Congress.
  • Departed to Delhi on Thursday to take forth the proceedings.

Chhattisgarh: Amidst the ongoing tussle for power in the state, Chhattisgarh is yet to witness another setback in its political ground. Mr Vedram Manhare, a two-time president of the Tilda Janpad Panchayat has announced to quit Congress and join hands with BJP on Friday.  Mr Vedram left for Delhi on Thursday night along with 10 other members of the party to join the opposition.

Speaking about his decision to quit, he said,” I had joined Congress since I stepped into politics. I have been entitled to the biggest responsibilities from the party chiefs. However, for the past few years, the ideology of the party’s was not matching my mindset and therefore I decided to quit the party”. I have no personal resentment against anyone, he further added.

Sources reveal that BJP leader Nand Kumar also left for Delhi along with Vedram. As per close sources, Vedram would stay in Delhi for a few days and also convene with PM Modi to discuss the ongoing rifts in the state.

Apart from being a Senior Congress Member, Vedram is also a patron of the Manhare Satnami Samaj and was a strong contender for the Aarang assembly seat in the 2018 elections.  

The departure of Vedram has created a stir in the State Congress Party. It is speculated that BJP has geared up to prepare for the 2023 assembly elections in the state.

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