Poor Road Obstructs Ambulance in Satna District, Woman Delivers Baby on Road

Story Highlights
  • Labor contractions of the pregnant woman started Sunday
  • The ambulance could not reach her due to poor road conditions
  • The woman had to deliver the baby on a muddy road pathway

Bhopal: The incident took place in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh where Pankaj Adivasi and his wife Neelam were awaiting an ambulance for her delivery. As soon as her labor pain started on Sunday, they called in for an ambulance to take her to a nearby hospital. But due to poor road conditions, the ambulance could not reach them. After the ambulance got delayed in reaching them they started walking barefoot to reach the hospital.

It is when they were walking did she feel extreme contractions and thereby deliver her baby on a muddy road. On approaching Pankaj, he said he called for an ambulance “But when the ambulance driver reached the village, he said he couldn’t drive inside the village due to the poor condition of the road. We were left with no option but to cover around 2km by foot on the muddy road”.

After Neelam gave birth to the baby girl, they were shifted to the nearby hospital and their condition is said to be stable. Pankaj has blamed the administration for such pathetic conditions of the road and accused them of corruption. The locals of the area claimed that petitions for the reconstruction of the road have been filed to both BJP and Cong party members but no action has been taken yet.

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