Port of Berdyansk Catches Fire after Russian Attack

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  • NATO to provide Cyber threat protection to Ukraine.NATO to provide Cyber threat protection to Ukraine.
  • Nine humanitarian corridors to be established.
  • Russian envoy- Anatoly Chubais resigns from post.

Kyiv: A month into the launch and the Russian forces still strive to take control of Kyiv, the sanctions on the other hand have halted the economy of the Kremlin. Ahead of the meeting today, NATO warned the Russians for use of chemical weapons and pledged additional support to Kyiv in terms of cyber security. The congregation is scheduled to meet today to discuss the war.

Meanwhile, progress in the peace talks has resulted in nine humanitarian corridors. A senior US defence official said that Russian ground forces appear to be digging in and setting up defensive positions between 15-20 km outside Kyiv, as they continue to make little to no progress moving toward the city centre.

According to local reporters, the port of Berdyansk caught fire due to the airstrike. According to the top world health body, 64 incidents of attacks on Ukrainian health care facilities and workers were recorded since the attacks began. 15 deaths and 37 injured were reported on investigation it added. According to reports cited by a source from the parliament, Germany will send 2000 additional tank weapons to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Defence department has already received 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger Type Surface air Missile launches from the Bundeswehr.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a top advisor to Putin stepped down from the post on Wednesday and reportedly left Russia to protest against its ‘special military program’. Anatoly Chubais was the Kremlins special envoy for relations with the international org for sustainable development.

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