Power Crisis in Madhya Pradesh, Govt Accepts Problem

Story Highlights
  • MP experienced long hours of power cut in last few days
  • State Home minister accepts fault
  • Vows to fix the issue within 5 days

The power crisis in Madhya Pradesh has been a talking point in the state over the past few days. With major rural areas facing a powercut of as long as 10 to 15 hours, the issue became serious of late. It is on Tuesday, that the govt Spokesperson and the state home minister Narottam Mishra accepted that there is indeed a “power crisis” in the state. 

He said that due to poor rain in the state this monsoon season, the dams do not have enough water to produce electricity. Moreover, he also added that there is a shortage of coal and some technical faults in the electricity plant which is why also the production is affected resulting in a shortage of current supply in the state. The matter became serious as the Rabi season is approaching soon in the state. 

The demand in the power supply will increase to 16-17 thousand MW in the state during the season as farmers will be required to run motors for the sowing rabi from the land. There have been multiple agitations and protests by opposition leaders due to the undeclared power cuts across the state. Home minister Narottam Mishra took to console the ones who are showing agitations and said the govt will fix the issue within 5 days.

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