PreZ Biden to Address Divided Nation on January 6th

Story Highlights
  • Joe Biden to address White House marking one year of the Capitol Building riots.
  • The Capitol Building in USA was attacked by violent mob on January 6th 2021, during electoral proceedings of now Prez.
  • Nearly 700 people have been facing legal proceedings for the attack.

White House: The US on January 6th will observe one year of the storming of the Capitol building when Prez Biden was slated to take over Donal Trump. Exactly a year ago, thousands of people from every state barged into the Capitol building after a political rally. President Biden will speak one of a series of elected officials sharing their memories of the ordeal. The gathering will also see a conversation aimed at establishing and preserving the story of 6th January 2021.

The riot was followed by a long term disinformation campaign by former Prez Donald Trump and his allies who claimed without evidence that the election had been stolen through fraud. Approximately 10,000 people engaged in violent clashes with officers trying to disrupt the proceedings. While people died during the attack several including four protestors, one police officer and 140 police personnel suffered injuries.

In what is described as America’s largest investigation in history, nearly 700 people were subjected to law-and-order proceedings. A year later, several supporters, as well as high profile personalities, have been facing legal proceedings for instigating the violent mob.

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