Principal on Camera Caught Committing Shady Acts

Story Highlights
  • School principal and female teacher commit sordid acts in school.
  • Involved in an illicit relationship since 9 years.
  • A video of the duo went viral following which principal was suspended and teacher ousted.

Kanker, CG: A shocking incident of a principal involved in an illicit relationship with a female staff of the school has surfaced. The teacher and the principal were caught having sex in the school.

The incident is reported from Indraprastha High School, where the principal’s sordid actions have been recorded. A video has been making rounds on social media where the principal Rajesh Pal is seen committing the tawdry actions with his partner- a married female staff of the school. According to sources, staff from the school did complain about the unpleasant activities of the two in February, however, the police did not take action as they had no proof. In the video, the youth recording is heard demanding the principal money for keeping his secret safe.

On April 18th, a video was shared with the collector Chandan Kumar following which the investigation was held and the accused were finally convicted. The investigation was led by the BEO Kejuram Sinha following which a report was forwarded to the DEO TR Sahu. Suspension orders were issued for the principal while the female staff was fired from the school on directions by the collector.

Apparently, the duo have been in an illicit relationship for 9 years. The principal used his cabin to commit the shady act. Sources further informed that the duo would come to the school to regularly despite of holidays or curfew.

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