Private Rave Party Busted In The Forest

Story Highlights
  • Rave party raided near Kerwa Dam.
  • Many people have been arrested including kids of famous dignitaries.
  • The police have also registered a case against the organizers.

Bhopal: In the Bhopal district, Ratibad police raided a private rave party organized in the forest near Kerwa Dam on Tuesday night. According to the information received from the sources, in this rave party, the sons and daughters of renowned people of the city were found intoxicated during the party.

The police have registered the names of all the people who were involved in the rave party. It has been told that a large number of youths were present. Their number was such that it became difficult for the police to arrest, the police released everyone on bond. The police have confiscated a huge quantity of narcotics and liquor from the spot.

The Police have also registered a case against the organizers of this rave party. Media Journalists has the names of the organizers of the party but it is not being given to them in terms of prestige and dignity.

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