Priya Ramani Gets Acquisition by Delhi Court against Defamation Case by MJ Akbar

Story Highlights
  • Ramani was accused of defamation by ex-union minister MJ Akbar
  • Delhi court said women can complain about sexual harassment cases even “after decades”
  • She complained about sexual harassment against him that lead to the accusation by Akbar

New Delhi: During the #MeToo movement in 2008, journalist Priya Ramani accused former union minister MJ Akbar of sexual misconduct. A week later after her allegation in October 2018, Akbar filed a defamation case against her and also resigned from his minister’s position.

But today, the Delhi court acquitted Ms. Priya Ramani and dismissed the defamation case against her.

The court said, “The woman has the right to put up her grievance even after decades” and also mentioned the Mahabharata and Ramayana example.

The order by the court stated, “Women cannot be punished for raising voice against the sexual abuse in the pretext of complaint of defamation. The woman has the right to put her grievance at any platform of her choice and even after decades”.

Like Priya, many women came up with sexual harassment accusations during the #MeToo movement, not only at the workplace but also in places where it was least expected.

Right from eminent Bollywood personalities to even some comedians were subjected to these accusations. Now with the acquisition of Priya Ramani, hopefully, more such women will speak out.

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