Prohibitory Orders Around Bengaluru Educational Institutions Extended

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  • The prohibitory orders around colleges and schools in Bengaluru are extended until 22nd March.
  • The extension was declared by Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant in order to maintain law and order.
  • The orders came as the Hijab issue in the state was not yet resolved.

Bengaluru: Prohibitory orders around educational Institutions extended till 22nd March, said Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant. As per the order issued on Monday, any type of gatherings or protests within a 200-metre area of schools, PU colleges, degree colleges or other similar educational institutions in Bengaluru is barred.

Underlining that the Hijab issue was not yet resolved,  Commissioner Kamal Pant said that any possibility of holding protests over the issue cannot be ruled out, and hence the order has been issued. He added that maintaining law and order in the city was possible only through proper security measures.

The Karnataka HC on February 26th reserved its verdict in the batch of petitions filed by Muslim girls seeking protection to their right to wear a Hijab in classrooms. A three-judge bench was constituted after the case was first heard by a single bench in Karnataka HC.
Meanwhile, the Karnataka Police on Tuesday arrested Congress leader Mukarram Khan in Hyderabad for making a controversial statement on hijab. Reportedly, Khan during active protests in the state had given a statement wherein he stated to ‘chop to pieces’ those who opposed students wearing Hijab and had urged govt to permit the hijab-wearing students to attend classes in Sedam city. Following his statement, a case was registered against him on February 16th.

The police registered cases under IPC sections 153 (want only giving provocation with intent to cause riot) and 293 (whoever, to the annoyance of others; does any obscene act in public place) and 298 (uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person). Soon Khan went into hiding and had moved the Kalburgi District Court for Bail.

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