“Protect your whole body, virus neechey se bhi aa sakta hai”, bizarre statement by Pakistan minister on covid19 precautionary measures

Pakistan: The world is under severe threat due to the ongoing corona crisis, health officials around the globe have been suggesting their citizen’s different norms to follow to protect themselves from the coronavirus such as, washing hands often, not touching the face, use of mask, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, etc.

However,there are a few people across the world who have their own set of precautionary measures. Pakistani officials are no less, in a statement by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Advisor for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan offered it’s citizen a bizarre suggestion.

Pakistan Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan recently said that it is important to cover your whole body in order to protect yourself from novel coronavirus

In a video shared by a Pakistani journalist, the minister can be heard saying “Yeh nahi hai ki sirf apne munh ko protect karlu aur virus neeche se aajaye”In one recent video the minister can be heard saying “Tumhara jism ho, paw ho, taange ho, vo protect ho. Yeh nahi hai ki sirf apne munh ko protect karlu aur virus neeche se aajaye. Yeh sari cheeze aapko sath sath chalani hai. Yeh bhi ek medical science hai aur humne iske liye milke kaam Karna hai”

However it is to be noted that there is no logical reasoning behind minister’s claim.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, nearly 10,000 people are infected with covid19 and the death toll reached 209 as of 22nd of April.

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