Protest By Baloch Activists in Solidarity of Enforced Disappearance of Several Baloch Families

  • Protest held in front of the royal palace, Amsterdam
  • Several families are subjected to ‘enforced disappearances’ in the Balochistan province of Pakistan
  • Reports are in that the families were harassed even by security forces and spy agencies

Baloch national movement (BNM) members staged a protest in front of the royal palace, Amsterdam to show support for families who have been subjected to enforced disappearances from the Baloch province of Pakistan. Several such protests have been organized in parts of Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, etc. by the family members of the deceased. The protest in Amsterdam also included children in it.

The B&M president of the Netherlands zone, Kiyya Baloch said, “We are with the families of the victims of enforced disappearances, we will raise our voice for them at every corner in the world. We will uncover the atrocities and oppression of Pakistan on our people. Pakistan is preventing human rights organizations from visiting Balochistan. And we will narrate the barbarism of Pakistan in international forums”.

A lot of influential people went missing from Balochistan province in the last few days that includes intellectuals, students, and political activists as well. Another member of the group, Imran Hakim said, “Pakistan is increasing its oppression on the Baloch day by day. The tears of our mothers and sisters will not go in vain. Soon the day will come when the civilized world will perceive the barbarism of Pakistan”. There are also reports that even the security forces and spy agencies also arrested these families extensively.

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