Protesting Farmers Snapping Connectivity at Jio sites: Reliance Jio Writes to DGP, Seeking Intervention

Punjab: Reliance Infocomm wrote to the Director-General of Police and also to the Chief Minister of Punjab, seeking their intervention into incidents of sabotages and vandalism at Jio sites in the state.

Some unknown persons in the disguise of the ongoing farmers’ agitation, escalated to the acts of sabotage and vandalism in the last few weeks.

The letter also states that the inciting violence led by the farmers, the employees are not being allowed to work, to provide uninterrupted telecom services, which is essential for the people of Punjab.

The letter alleges that police personnel at the local level are not taking action or filing FIRs against vandalism, and that is why such incidents are not stopping. Jio has requested the DGP to take action, and stop such abusive incidents in the state.

Amid the ongoing farmers’ protest in Punjab, reports said that the protesting farmers have put up banners against Reliance Jio, and called for a boycott of their product. The Reliance Infocomm further noted that at least 2000 sites had been vandalized in three days, and there was damage between 5 to 10 crores, sought at state police intervention.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had appealed to the farmers not to indulge in vandalism in the state.

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