Provocative WhatsApp Texts Sent to Flare Jahangirpuri Riots: Delhi Police Charge sheet

Story Highlights
  • Key accused said to have received provocative text on April 14th.
  • 4 out of 37 named key conspirators.
  • Police claims riots part of a premeditated conspiracy.

New Delhi: The key conspirators involved in Jahingirpuri violence are said to have received provocative speeches use as tools to instigate violence during Hanuman Jayanti in April this year, the Delhi Police said in its charge sheet filed on Thursday.

As per reports, Tabrex the key accused in the riots, on 14th April received provocative speeches on the WhatsApp group of which he was a part of. Corroborating the contents of these texts it is learnt that these chats were used to instigate rioters to cause violence during the Hanuman Jayanti Yatra. The Delhi Police is currently investigating the admins of these WhatsApp groups. A supplementary chargesheet will likely be filed on the same.

Out of the 37 accused named in the charge sheet, the riots Ishrafil, who is still missing, Tabrez, Ansar, and Salim Chikna are named as the key conspirators. According to the police, the four are involved in a premeditated conspiracy.

Additionally, the key conspirators were also involved in protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the protests at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, the police said. The accused also provided transportation during the protests, they added.

Clashes in Jahangirpuri occurred during the Hanuman Jayanthi procession in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area in April.

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