Puducherry CM’s accused of Deliberately translating criticism into compliment while Rahul Gandhi’s visit

Story Highlights
  • He instils the idea of the Fisheries ministry
  • Gandhi visits Puducherry ahead of the polls
  • CM embarrassed by his mistranslation attempts

Rahul Gandhi’s struggle with interpreters continued in Puducherry. He visited the Southern coastal State to kickstart the party’s campaign for the assembly elections to be held in April-May. He also visited the fisherman community of the state that accounts for a sizable number in the UT. 

During his interaction with them, a fisherwoman accuses the CM V Narayanasamy of not visiting them after nature’s fury ravaged their coastal hamlet.

She said, “The sea is always rough. But no one is supporting us. Even he (Narayanasamy)… Did he visit our hamlet even once after the cyclones”? However, the CM interpreted and explained:” During the Nivar cyclone, I came and visited the area and gave relief to them. That’s what she is saying.”

Narayanasamy, who acted as a translator for the leader was accused of mistranslating the accusation against him into a compliment.

During the exchange with the locals, Mr. Gandhi also emphasized the necessity of a separate fisherman ministry just like the farmers do. He said,” “When farmers have issues, they go to the ministry that belongs to the farmers. But when fishermen have an issue, they do not have a minister to go to.”

The deliberate attempt of the Puducherry CM didn’t go unnoticed and surfaced on social media enduring his embarrassment.

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