Punjab Police’s Intel HQ Blast Recorded on CCTV

Story Highlights
  • CCTV footage of the attack extracted.
  • The video shows regular traffic with a sudden flash of light while the blast occurred.
  • A minor explosion took place at the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in sector 77, SAS Nagar.

Punjab: A CCTV footage of the rocket-propelled grenade or RPG attack at the Punjab Police’s intelligence headquarters in Mohali has been making rounds on social media.

In the video, regular traffic movement near the building with vehicles passing through is seen when suddenly there’s a flash of light that illuminates the area briefly and blinds the surveillance camera for a second. A moving car can be seen passing through at the moment of impact suggesting the weapon could have been fired from it. The video footage is seen shaky as the blast occurred.

Calling it a minor blast, the Punjab police on Monday said the RPG was fired from the street and it shattered the glasses at the Police’s intelligence headquarters. “A minor explosion was reported at the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in sector 77, SAS Nagar at around 7.45 PM. No damage has been reported. Senior officers are on the spot and an investigation is being done. Forensic teams have been called,” the Mohali police had said in a statement.

The area was later cordoned off and teams of forensic department and security were deployed. The man who allegedly gave logistic support for the delivery of the RPG is detained by the state police.

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