Pushkar Dhami Reviews Relief Work in Joshimath

JOSHIMATH: Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Dhami on Monday reviewed the relief and rescue works in the land subsidence region of Uttarakhand- Joshimath. State chief secretray SS Sandhu was also present at the meeting where officials were briefed about the ground situation.

Meanwhile, the demolition work in Joshimath continued. So far 863 buildings have been affected. Around 181 out of these have been placed in the unsafe zone.

Earlier on Sunday, a roof of a house, which had already developed cracks, collapsed in Joshimath’s Singhdhar and sank along with ita courtyard. However, no casualties were reported as the occupants of the building were evacuated on January 3rd.

Officials also mentioned that this year’s Badrinath Dham Yatra may be regulated in the wake of the land subsidence of the highway at Joshimath.

The issue would be discussed in an upcoming high-level meeting to reduce the burden of pilgrims and vehicles on the holy town, an official privy to the matter said.

Locals informed that the land subsidence has also affected the Badrinath highway. Cracks of one to two metres long have developed on the Badrinath National Highway in Joshimath, which is the only road that leads to Badrinath.

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