Pushpa Like Teakwood Smuggling Busted in Bijapur

Story Highlights
  • Senior Govt officer caught for smuggling teak wood.
  • Seized vehicle was filled with wood from forest of Ralapalli.
  • Ambulance used for smuggling the woods.

Bijapur: CGs Bijapur is considered a haven for teakwood smugglers. But the Forest Department officials were in for a surprise as the smuggler turned out to be the Deputy Director of Veterinary Dept Lallan Singh.

According to local reports, the DD of the Vet Dept replicated the Pushpa scene in real life smuggling teak wood in an ambulance. The incident is reported to have occurred on Sunday evening when the forest personnel after receiving a tip-off alerted the check-post at Bhopalpatnam.

Lallan Singh on being stopped at the checkpoint cited an emergency for which he was going to Bijapur. On searching the vehicle, personnel seized 4 pieces of wood from the ambulance, of which Lallan Singh claimed to have no accountability. Lallan Singh was then instructed to hand over the vehicle and use another vehicle.

Smuggling in a govt vehicle has created a stir in the state. The seized woods have been kept in the forest dept. As per reports, the teak wood was harvested from the forests of Ralapalli.

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