Putin Asks Ukranian Army to Remove Leadership in Kyiv

Story Highlights
  • 2,800 Russian forces and heavy artillery damaged by Zelensky’s army.
  • Russian troops heading towards Kyiv.
  • Putin demands Ukrainian leaders to give up charge.

Moscow: The Kremlin on Friday asked the Ukrainian govt to give up its leadership in Kyiv, the capital of the Ex-Soviet Union. Describing the leaders as ‘terrorists’ and ‘gang of drug addicts and neo-nazis’. Addressing the Ukrainian military in a televised address, Putin referred the above labels to Volodymyr Zelensky who is Jewish.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defence ministry claimed to have taken down more than 1,000 Russian personnel which seems to be the highest by far in any conflict the Russians struck. Officials from the ground also alleged the Russian forces attacked Kindergarten and orphanages. As per media reports, some 2,800 servicemen and 80 tanks of the Russian troops were sabotaged during their assault. Further 516 armoured combat vehicles, 10 aircraft and 7 helicopters were also brought down.

The row of sanctions against Putin heaped as EU froze European assets linked to Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov. Further, the nations, a part of the NATO asserted more sanctions against Putin’s inner circle.

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