Putin’s Hometown Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Story Highlights
  • Visuals of Russians protesting in Saint Petersburg make rounds on social media.
  • We don’t want war, Want Peace- Assert relocated natives
  • Hundreds have taken to streets in the western continents to support Ukraine, condemn Putin’s decision.

 Saint Petersburg, Russia: Hours after the Kremlin broke into the apparently identified ‘ individual territories’ in the Eastern province of Ukraine, videos of thousands marching in support of Ukraine have been flooding the social media.

One such protest that astonishes us came from Putin’s hometown Saint Petersburg outside the historic Gostiny Dvor Shopping Arcade at about 7 pm local time, where thousands gathered standing in support of Russia. Their show of solidarity of the streets Saint Petersburg exclaimed that Putin is not Russia. According to the protestors, no reason could be sufficient enough to justice this move by the Russian leader. As per ground reports from local media rooms, 1,745 people in 54b countries have been detained and at least 97 of them have been arrested in Moscow.

Several across the western lands have taken to the streets to express solidarity with Ukraine and condemn Putin’s aggression and hostility. Large scale protests across Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego have been reported. Natives with roots from both nations, calls Putin’s actions stupid and admits he still can’t believe the war is happening. Visuals of relocated natives, say “we are not buying what Putin said in his speech. We do not war, we want peace.”

Putin on Thursday launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, despite several sanctions and diplomatic attempts by US and western allies to avert what could be the most disastrous post-cold war. The Russian president’s intentions have been crystal clear since his rambling speech on February 21 in which he talked of Russia’s “empire”, after which he recognised the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

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