Quit Food and filling petrol, if Inflation National Calamity: BJP MLA

Story Highlights
  • BJP MLA issues a presumptuous statement
  • Bhupesh Government terms the statement' shameful'
  • Congress's communication wing in charge Shailesh Nitin Trivedi also slams the statement

Raipur: BJP MLA and former cabinet minister of Raman Singh government, Brij Mohan Agrawal stirred controversy beseeching all those who call inflation a national calamity should stop eating food and using petrol.

The Bhupesh Government termed his statement ‘shameful’ and said,” the day is not far when the saffron party will ask those who oppose the BJP-led Centre to leave the country.” Interacting with the reporters on Thursday, Agarwal said, “If inflation is a national calamity, then I think those who are calling it so should stop eating and drinking. They should quit food and stop using petrol.”  

“I think if Congressmen and those who have voted to Congress will do so, the inflation would automatically come down,” he further said. 

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The video of the MLA making the statement gained huge attention on social media. When contacted, Agrawal said on Friday, “While interacting with reporters, I satirically made a statement that if Congressmen stop eating and using petrol, inflation would decline as the state Congress chief had termed inflation as a national calamity.”

In justification of his statement, he said to have made it casually and had no intentions to direct anyone to do so.

Chhattisgarh Congress’s communication wing in-charge Shailesh Nitin Trivedi was quick to retaliate saying the BJP can’t even realise the pain of people who are bearing the brunt of the price rise. “Making such a vague statement is very shameful. They will later say that those who oppose the Centre should quit India,” he said.   

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