RaGa Hosts First Press Conference After Being Disqualified From Lok Sabha

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hosted a press conference today, his first after being disqualified from the Lok Sabha. The Congress leader said today that he is not scared of going to jail and will keep asking questions of the center.

“Don’t pretend to be a pressman… Kyun hawa nikal gayi?”, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to a journalist questioning him on his conviction in ‘Modi surname’ case.

“I have been disqualified because PM is scared of my next speech and what I am going to say about Mr. Adani. There is a deep relationship between Narendra Modiji and Mr. Adani”, added the leader.

He further posted a video on his official Twitter account captioning it as “On the path of truth, for the country, I am ready to pay every price. Special press Briefing”.

Earlier on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi lost his status after a Gujarat court found him guilty in a criminal defamation case and sentenced him to two years in jail. Found guilty of a defamation for 2019 campaign trial remark implying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a criminal, several complaints were lodged against him in several states. The former Congress chief’s Wayanand seat also fell vacant after his disqualification.

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