Rahul Gandhi Criticized the Government for “Reducing the Pension of Soldiers”

The Minister of Finance shared the Union Budget at Lok Sabha for the financial year 2021-’22. Post this budget, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the ruling party and the government for reducing the pension of soldiers. He has slammed the government for not considering the farmers and youth of the nation in the budget.

He also mentioned that the government has three to four bosom industrialist friends whom they consider to be the most important ones and plan accordingly. 

On Monday he tweeted, “Reduction in pension of soldiers in the Budget. Neither young nor farmer, for Modi government 3-4 industrialist friends only God!” He says the government is a coward and it runs deep in them.

While taking things to the tweeter he mentioned that the budget speech by the Union Finance Minister had the word “Prime Minister” six times and the word “companies/corporates” around 17 times but ignored to mention “defense” or “China” at all. This is frustrating and he expects the government to be fair and equal for all. 

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