Rahul Gandhi Expresses Concern Over Farmers Protest; Says the Govt Must Listen To Them

Story Highlights
  • The whole nation is raged by the treatment they are receiving while they ask for their right
  • Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also showed support to them and urged the government to listen to them
  • He submitted a memorandum to the president of India with almost 2 crores signature on it so that action is taken sooner to repeal the new bill

New Delhi: The farmers from all over the country have been protesting against the three new farm bills passed by the government that includes the ‘Produce Trade and Commerce Promotion and Facilitation Act, Essential Commodities Amendment Act, and the Farmers Empowerment and Protection Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act’ since the last one month.

While the whole country shows concern over these new farm law bills and the protesting farmers, congress leader Rahul Gandhi also expresses his rage.

He posted a video on his social media site with the caption, “Mitti ka kann kann goonj raha hai, sarkar ko sun na padega—The government will have to listen (to the farmers)”.

Later, he along with Adhir Ranjan Choudhury and Ghulam Nabi Azad also visited the president in the Rashtrapati bhavan to discuss the matter.

Rahul Gandhi submitted a memorandum to the president with 2 crores signature on it. He said, “I told the President that these farm laws are anti-farmer. The country has seen that farmers have stood up against these laws”. It is yet to be seen what the government decides on this issue.

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