Rahul Gandhi Flies off to Italy Amidst Farmers’ protest; Lambasted Brutally by BJP Leader

New Delhi: “All talks and only drama”, the former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has been lambasted by BJP leader Khushbu Sundar on his ongoing foreign trip amidst the farmers’ protest. Notably, Gandhi flew to Milan, Italy on Sunday.

On that, the BJP leader, making fun of him, expressed through her tweets that she had not been expecting anything else from him, adding that he should have been on the streets with the protesting farmers instead of ‘holidaying’, had he been truly concerned about their well-being. 

Sundar took to her Twitter handle to lambast the former Congress chief. “So much of noise was made for farmers protest by the opp, where is #RG now? Short holiday? Seriously? If you are so concerned about the farmers, you should have been out there on the streets with them and not holidaying.” – she tweeted along with a hashtag #RGTumSeNaHoPaayega.

In another tweet, she wrote – “Oh! Did I expect #RG to do anything else? Definitely not. In fact, I was looking forward to the news of his travel for a short holiday. All talks and only drama. Nothing new. Same old story”. 

As per the reports, Gandhi is currently on a short personal trip. It is also noteworthy that both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were absent at the parliamentary debate among the party leaders on the three new farm laws.

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