Rahul Gandhi Reaches Malappuram For 1-Day Kerela Visit

Story Highlights
  • Rahul Gandhi arrives in Kerala for three programs scheduled at Wayanad.
  • Inaugurated HIMA Dialysis Centre at Malappuram and a recreation centre for senior citizens in Kozhikode.
  • Also addressed the people of Malappuram.

Kerala: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrived at Kozhikode airport in Karipur for his one-day visit to Kerala. During the day, the Wayanad MP is scheduled to visit Kozhikode and Malappuram. According to his visit itinerary, he inaugurated the HIMA Dialysis Center in Malappuram and a recreation centre for senior citizens in Kozhikode. Gandhi also laid the foundation stone of AIMER Business School in Kozhikode. After staying back at Kozhikode, the Congress leader is scheduled to return to the national capital on Thursday morning.

Two days after Sudheeran quit the party’s political affairs committee (PAC), sulking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed at Malappuram by saying that,” What happens if an Indian person gets on a plane & goes to America, does he not remain Indian? Of course, he doesn’t, he remains an Indian. So for me, India is the people who live here. Then a question arises, what if this map but no people living on this territory. Would you still be here? Of course not because if there would be no people in this territory you would not say that it is India.” He concluded by stating that “The political question being asked today is – what is India? If you read people like Savarkar, they’ll say India is geography. They take a pen, draw a map & say this is India; outside this line, it is not India & inside this line it is India.”

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