Rahul in Legal Trouble after BJP Leader Filed FIR

Madhya Pradesh: Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi is currently in Madhya Pradesh as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. This ‘walking journey’ movement by the Congress party is aimed at bringing communal harmony and fighting against injustice. But it seems that the Yatra has a different fate for the Congress chief. 

A BJP leader has filed an FIR against him in connection with the hanging of Tribal Leader Tantya Mama. Meanwhile, both Rahul and Priyanka visited his birthplace at Khandwa yesterday as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra to pay tributes to the deceased Tribal leader. 

The BJP leader has lodged a complaint against him at the police station. On Thursday, Rahul accused the RSS of helping the British in Baroda Ahir, the birthplace of tribal leader Tantya Mama. Politics started heating up before the visit of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Allegations and counter-allegations have started from the side of the BJP and Congress. The issue of hanging tribal leader Tantya Mama is gaining momentum.

Rahul had said that Tantya Mama was hanged by the British, but the RSS and its ideology helped the British. Protests took place at various places on Thursday night itself. On Friday, Sumit Mishra, former vice-president of BJMU, made a written complaint at Bhawar Kuan police station and demanded registration of the case. According to Mishra, by distorting historical facts, Rahul has done the work of defaming a voluntary organization devoted and determined towards the nation.

BJP leaders told that not only action should be taken against Rahul, who instigated the exiled brothers and sisters, and the descendants of Mata Shabri and Tantya Mama, but action should be taken under section 107(16) of CrPC when he comes to Indore so that such things do not happen again.

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