#RahulDrugTest- White Challenge Trending on Twitter

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  • White Challenge- an initiative by TPCC President Revanth.
  • #RahulDrugTest trends on Twitter.

Telangana: Yet another controversy that traumatizes the political figurine of the nation emerged on social media. The famous microblogging site has been witnessing #RahulDrugTest trending today. Several leaders at the state level have been issuing allegations and counter-allegations across the political arena over drug culture.

On Saturday, TPCC president Revanth Reddy threw a ‘White Challenge’ where he wanted politicians and celebrities to under drug analysis tests to send a positive message against drug abuse. He cited the Green Challenge initiated by the TRS MP Joginpally Santosh who had urged the celebrities to promote greenery by planting saplings for the betterment of the city whilst making an announcement of the challenge.

Several members of TRS have taken to their Twitter handles sharing pieces of news that reflects Rahul Gandhi’s alleged involvement in substance abuse.

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