Railways to provide free food & water to the migrants says Railway ministry; State governments asked to incur 15% of the total travel cost

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  • The Railways is not selling any tickets to migrants, says report
  • India railways are charging only standard fare in Shramik special trains from State Governments

DELHI: Drawing criticism over charging fare from the migrant workers to take them back home, the Railway Ministry on Monday defended on its part saying that it has run 34 “Shramik special” trains from different parts of the country and is fulfilling its social responsibility of providing safe and convenient travel especially to the poorest of the poor in a time of crisis.

It further clarified that Railways is charging only standard fare for the journey from State Governments which is just 15% of the total cost incurred by Railways. No tickets are being sold to the migrants and it has been boarding passengers only based on the lists provided by the States.

The ministry further said that the Shramik special trains are run keeping berths empty in each coach to maintain social distancing. The trains are returning empty from destinations under lock & key. Free food and bottled water is being given to migrants by railways.

However, the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi has announced that the Indian National Congress in every state shall bear the cost for rail travel of every needy migrant worker. Earlier, the opposition had attacked the Centre for charging migrant labourers returning home for their train travel in the wake of the novel coronavirus lockdown.

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