Raipur: A War over Ventilators; MP Sunil Soni Questions Health Minister TS Singh Deo

Story Highlights
  • MP Sunil Soni and TS Singh Dev talk over ventilators provision
  • Around 230 ventilators supplied by the centre
  • Only 66 in repairable condition : TS Singh Deo

Raipur MP Sunil Soni charged the Health minister for not using the 230 ventilators received from the Central government. TS Singh deo replied saying, “I welcome the suggestion of Suo motu by MP Sunil Soni on the situation of corona in the state and the idea of getting assistance from the Central Government. “

Illustrating the condition of the ventilators provided by the centre he said that around 70 ventilators were in a poor condition, 66 are repaired and used. Currently, only 4 of them are being unused.  As per the statistics, 514 ventilators are being used in Chhattisgarh, including state government ventilators, 160 ventilators received from BHEL and other institutions.

The Health minister presented the data collected and welcomed MP Sunil for any assistance that will benefit the state’s health sector.

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