Raipur: After 573 cases and 10 deaths, Administration issues Tourism Ban; Self-Quarantine for 7 days; 50 people allowed in Marriages

Raipur: Considering the spike in COVID-19 cases in the last week, the Raipur district administration issues fresh guidelines. As per the notice, Holi Milan Celebrations or any public gathering is restricted. Holika Dahan is allowed to be conducted in the presence of only five people following covid norms. Tourism spots and religious, social and political programmes are restricted as they contribute majorly to the spread. Seven days of home quarantine is also mandated for immigrants in Raipur. 

Raipur Collector S Bharathi Dasan issued the order in this regard late this evening. The notice read, “All kinds of religious festivals, cultural and political programmes, sports, exhibitions and fairs, functions and public programmes have been banned. Religious places will remain open for only paying obeisance at a personal level and people can enter places of worship individually, but organising any kind of group or public programmes will be prohibited there.”

Programs like marriages and funerals will need written permission and are granted only 50 members allowance following social distancing and wearing masks. 

Places, where the density of COVID-19 positive patients are high, will be declared as Containment Zones. Avinash Pride has emerged as a contaminant zone in the district. It has reported 38 infections and 5 deaths over the week. Preparations have begun to make Avinash Pride, a consortium zone under the Amanaka police station.

In case of any violation, the state government will impose fines and legal action against any kind of refusal to pay the fine.

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