Raipur Civil Lines Police Issues Notice to Dr Singh; Will Interrogate on 24 May

Story Highlights
  • Raipur civil lines police to interrogate Dr Singh on May 24 12 :30 pm at his residence
  • Issues a list of instructions
  • Failure to comply will lead to imprisonment, said the police officials

Raipur: The Raipur Civil Lines Police has issued a notice to Chhattisgarh Ex CM Dr Raman Singh in connection with the toolkit case. As per the notice, Dr Raman is ordered to be at his residence at 12:30 pm on May 24. The police officials have scheduled an interrogation with the former CM against whom a FIR was filed by the Congress Committee. 

The notice includes instructions that should be followed by Dr Raman on the day of interrogation. “Failure to fulfil the said instructions will lead you to imprisonment”, said Police officials. A set of questions was also included in the instructions.

The following were the terms stated in the issue: 

1. Does the Twitter account belong to you against which the complaint is filed.

2. Let us access your account

3. Where did you get the AICC Research Project details and the Congress letterhead?

4. What have you communicated with the other accused (Sambit Patra) using the hashtag Congress toolkit exposed?

5. He is expected to pledge to refrain from crime in future. 

6. Refrain from tampering evidence.

7. Not threaten any individual related to the case

8.Appear to the court as and when ordered

9. Co-operate and share information about the case.

10. Should produce relevant documents for investigation.

Dr Raman Singh posted an alleged letter of the Congress from his Twitter handle on May 18 claiming that the opposition had plans to defame the Modi Government. Several other BJP leaders also asserted his post and gave opinions about the same. Agitated by the false allegations, the Youth Congress leaders then approached the police complaining about the matter and lodged a FIR against former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra 

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