Raipur Collector Dr. S Bharti Dasan Announces Re-Initiation Of Socializing Norms

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  • Raipur collector Dr. S Bharti Dasan to re-instigate social distancing rules
  • Indian citizens neglect socializing rules and quit mask usage
  • Raipur collector Dr. S Bharti Dasan to re-instigate social distancing rules

Raipur: A steady decrease in the number of active cases of COVID-19 is observed in the Indian capital.Delhi has shown a marked drop in its COVID-19 count which has eradicated the fear of corona amongst the Indian citizens.

People have set their faces free of the masks.  In Delhi, citizens are seen roaming around the capital markets and Square intersections without masks.

Post the relaxation of lockdown; donning a mask was made mandatory in the absence of which the government levied heavy penalties.  Campaigns were conducted to educate individuals about the importance of masks.  But all of this has seemed to come to a pause now.

On interacting with the people, various reasons to avoid masks came across like ‘they just forgot to wear it, they’ve removed it and some say now that the vaccine is out, they don’t think donning a mask is important, and some are following the trend of bidding adieu. Such excuses of the people reflect the failure of awareness camps that the government conducted to sabotage the spread.

Considering the citizen’s relentless attitude towards masks Raipur collector Dr. S Bharti Dasan has said that the checking will have to start once again to export the citizens about the dangers COVID prevails. and will reinstall the social distancing norms.

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