Raipur: Congress Leader’s Son Defrauded; Search Operation Under Process

Story Highlights
  • Politician swindled by locals
  • Case registered under Civil Lines Police
  • The two businesses assured to refund the loan amount within five months

Raipur: A fraudulent case is registered by the son of a congress member. The accused are identified as businessmen. They borrowed four lakh rupees and failed to return. The accused had issued a cheque to the victim, which bounced on the due date. 

The case is registered in Civil Lines Police. According to the TI R.K. Mishra, Yogesh Varyani, son of Congress leader Ramesh Varyani, lent Rs 4 lakh cash to Kailash Gidwani and Gulab Gidwani identified as owners of Sakto Satram Industries. 

The two businesses had assured to refund the loan amount within five months. When Yogesh Varyani demanded money, the accused gave a cheque but the cheque bounced due to fake signatures. The accused are still being searched.

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