Raipur Cycle’s its way to Malnutrition-Free Chhattisgarh

Story Highlights
  • Cycle rally held at Raipur today to create awareness on malnutrition.
  • Rally was held from Marine Drive at Telibandha in Raipur.
  • So far 32 percent reduction in malnutrition is observed said State Women and Child Development Minister Anila Bhediya.

Raipur: Under the campaign “Garbho Nawa Suprita Chattisgarh” driven by State Women and Child Development Minister Anila Bhediya, a cycle rally was held today at the fort. The rally from the Marine drive at Telibandha was aimed to raise awareness of health among the people of the state and progress towards a malnutrition-anaemia free state.  

Speaking on the occasion, Women and child development minister Anila Bhediya said malnutrition is a major problem of the country and an evil of our society, whose effect has been seen more in women and children. To uproot this problem, the state government started Chief Minister’s Nutrition Campaign in October 2019, which yielding positive results.

She added that the number of children suffering from malnutrition in the state has been reduced by 32 per cent and 80,000 women have been cured of anaemia. The cycle rally marked the celebration of National Nutrition Month. With the motto of ‘Poshan Meri Bhi Zimmedari’ citizens pedalled their way in the state capital.

The rally was attended by several public figures like  Chhattisgarh State Commission for Women chairperson Dr Kiranmayi Nayak, Raipur Municipal Corporation Chairman Pramod Dubey, Secretary of  Department of Women and Child Development Reena Babasaheb Kangle, Director Divya Umesh Mishra, State UNICEF head Jaba Zakariya. Several representatives of various voluntary organizations including the national service scheme, Chhattisgarh cycle club, departmental officer staff and a large number of individuals actively participated in the rally.

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