Raipur: Dead Body of a Young Guy found Tied with a Rope; Relative Apprehends Murder

Story Highlights
  • Urla police station area of Raipur was filled with horror this morning after the dead body of a young man was found
  • The dead body was hanged with a rope from an auto-rickshaw, which was parked on Sondongari Nala Main Road

Raipur: The dead body of a young guy was found hanging from an auto-rickshaw in a suspicious state in the Urla area situated in the state capital. As soon as the dead body was found, the entire area was filled with horripilation. A huge crowd gathered at the spot where the dead body was found.

The family of the deceased guy has been apprehending the incident to be a probable murder. They, with a demand of investigation, was about to begin a strike, when the police reached and convinced them for an autopsy of the dead body. 

Detective Inspector of Urla Police Station, Amit Tiwari, who rushed to the spot after the dead body was found, revealed that the name of the deceased person is Dhananjay Shukla. He was an auto-rickshaw driver and a resident of Hirapur IDA Colony. Yesterday at around 8 PM, Shukla left his house with his auto-rickshaw. On Thursday morning, his dead body was found hanging from the auto-rickshaw which was parked on Sondongari Nala Main Road.

A possible murder has been apprehended by his family, while the body has been sent for an autopsy to ensure whether it was a murder or a suicide. The family asserted that they suspect it to be murder because the heights of the auto-rickshaw and the deceased guy were almost the same, and it is certainly impossible for a person to hang himself from an object of the same height.

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