Raipur Development Plan 2031 Draft Released; Authorities Seek Public Opinion

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh’s capital city is up for expansion. The Administrative authorities have published the Raipur Development Plan, 2031under subsection (1) of section 18 Chhatisgarh Nagar and Village Investment Act1973 for public opinion. The Directorate of the Town and Country Investment in the notice has urged the residents of the city to give their opinion on the draft within the 30-day period mentioned in the notice. Following this, the fieldwork would commence.

According to Town and Country Planning Officer Sandeep Bangde, the expansion plan measures 500 sq. km against the previous 184 sq. km and will accommodate around 30,00,000 in the capital city of the central state of India.

As per the rules listed by Formulation and Implementation Guidelines, 75 percent of the entire area has been dedicated to development while 39 percent would be provided for infrastructure, and 11 percent is allocated for welfare development projects. Emphasis is being laid on the conservation of natural resources and water bodies, improvement of the environment, decentralized approach, and segregation of regional traffic. At the same time, improvement in internal routes for the smooth movement of local vehicles is been taken care of, for which 15 percent of land space has been dedicated.

The Raipur development plan, 2031 was discussed in detail in the workshop held at the convention hall of the new circuit house in the capital under the chairmanship of Chhattisgarh’s Housing and Environment Minister Mohammad Akbar on May 31, 2022.

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