Raipur Mayor Gives Orders To Fill 1294 Pits

Raipur: There are potholes on almost every road in Raipur. Somewhere roads are excavated for wiring, pipe, and so on. There are small patches on roads at many places that lead to traffic congestion. Raipur Mayor Ejaz Dhebar has come into action to rectify these potholes at the earliest.

“Delays in repairing potholes on the roads won’t work”, said Dhebar as he gave instructions to repair the poor condition of the roads in the review meeting. The mayor instructed the officers to impose a fine of Rs 25 lakhs on agencies based in Delhi for not doing work properly besides blacklisting them completely.

Municipal corporation has reported presence of 1294 pits in all ten zones across the city. The mayor said that if the number of road doctor machines do not increase, then repair will take time. The mayor also asked contractors to fill the pits manually as the quality of work would be checked.

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