Raipur: More Vaccination Centers under Process, says collector

Raipur: Since the beginning of the nationwide inoculation drive, the state capital of Chhattisgarh had a total of 5 vaccination centers around the district. But now, the administration has revealed its plan to add two more vaccination centers and take the total number of corona jab centers to 7.

The district collector of the Raipur district, S Bharatidasan, attended a meeting with the health officials, where he stated that – “Awareness camps should be organized to build faith among health workers and the common public regarding COVID vaccination”.

The Chief Medical Health Officer of Raipur, Dr. Meera Baghel, has given the proposal of developing 2 additional inoculation centers in the Raipur district, while the district collector Bharatidasan has given assurance of mentioning the requirement to the urban development department. 

On the 3rd day of the massive inoculation drive, i.e., on Wednesday, the state of Chhattisgarh had a turnout rate of 63% of the total current beneficiaries, while the rate of overall health workers (beneficiaries) that showed up at the vaccination centers for the shot in the arm during the previous 2 drives, stand respectively at 61% and 59%.

Noteworthily, overall 5,383 people turned up at the vaccination centers amongst the 8558 beneficiaries. The districts that topped the list of the highest vaccination turnout are Baloda Bazar (97%), Durg (91.4%), and Balod (91%). Raipur district is far behind, with a turnout rate of 73.8%, which led the administration to think of setting up 2 additional vaccination booths.

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